9 Tips to Make Conference Calls Less Deadly

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Boring conference callHow often do you sit on conference calls hearing someone’s keyboard clicking?  Or answering emails yourself? Or napping?  Here are some great tips from my colleague, Rick Maurer, to improve conference calls.  Share them with those you invite to calls, and with those people who invite you to be on their calls!

  1. Each person should know why they are on the call and what’s expected of them.
  2. Inform participants how to prepare and hold them accountable to actually come prepared.
  3. Actively solicit involvement from everyone.  If they needed to be on the call, they need to participate.  Call on people if necessary.
  4. Listen more than you talk.  No one should give long monologues.  Keep comments pithy.
  5. Contrary to popular practice, try NOT to have people mute their phones.  You waste too much time with dead air as people speak with their mute buttons on, then realize what they are doing, then unmute themselves to repeat what they said.  Better to listen to a few dog barks here and there.
  6. Keep the participant list as short as possible.  If people have to wait too long to speak, they disengage.
  7. Give people a visual.  It could be content.  I like a single slide with the photos and names of everyone on the call so I can “see” their face when they speak.
  8. Make the meeting as brief as possible.
  9. Follow up appropriately.

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