Year-End Self Assessment Tool

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Evaluate your own performance in 2012 before you move into 2013.  The following downloadable assessment tool will help you reflect on the year, and can be used for you as an individual, team, or company.  It’s easy to forget all you’ve accomplished and all you’ve had to overcome so take time to reflect back over the year, and perhaps review your calendar or journal before completing the survey.

Financial results are a key measure of success for any business or non-profit (no money, no mission).  You should have a fairly accurate idea of how you performed against budget throughout the year, so even though your year-end financials aren’t complete you should be able to think about your financial success.  However, financial performance is not the only measure you should use.  Look at your goals.  Look at your strategic plan.  Think about training and engagement, technology, customer satisfaction, marketing and branding, team development, leadership, new markets, satisfaction, fun.  Whatever matters to you!


…. be generous to yourself. We do enough beating ourselves up for failing to reach our potential.  So leave that behind and take time to celebrate your success.  Even if it wasn’t the best year, noticing and honoring your specific achievements creates important neurological reinforcement that leads to future success!



This tool is a starting point, so use it as such, adding any questions or unique areas on which to reflect that fit your business:





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