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     Do you have the influence you need to motivate and hold people accountable?  Do you easily flex from details to big picture?  Are you adept at managing conflict? Can you help individuals and teams become highly effective?

        In these times of rapid change and industry disruption, the skills to move people beyond status quo are more important than ever.  This fictional story of four leaders will change the way you think about yourself and your work, and give you tools to become dramatically more successful. In an easy read with the page turning qualities of a mystery, you’ll meet a mayor, a brewer, a banker, and a doctor whose challenges provide lessons everyone aspiring to successful management or leadership needs to learn.

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I’ve spent many years, and tens of thousands of dollars learning the same skills you’ve easily described in a couple hundred entertaining pages…I cannot wait to buy a copy for my entire leadership team. It should be required reading for any leader, community, business, or family.”   Steve Anderson, CEO, Legacy Publishing Company

“Nancy has captured the spirit of leadership in a unique fictional manner allowing readers to experience the lessons of leadership through a compelling story without getting all the scars. This book is almost more realistic and certainly more entertaining than a traditional case study.”  Peter Karlson, CEO, NeuEon

“An absorbing story of leadership techniques at once practical and uplifting. If the work of leaders today is increasingly about building relationships and capacitating others, making sense and using teams to derive solutions, Nancy’s story is an illustrative “how-to” narrative.”Les Schwab, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Harvard Vanguard

“A must read for managers, leaders, and coaches to learn powerful concepts in an engaging format.” Sonia March Nevis, PhD, Co-founder, Gestalt International Study Center

“I was hooked after the first few pages!!  The book is enlightening and different. I have read so many leadership books, many academic and many best sellers. This approach is unique and so very helpful. I am actually going to reread it as the learnings are so important but are imparted in such a different way. I’m used to scholarly, academic  texts, but this was better because I felt a much more powerful impact.” Susan J. Ventura, RN, MS, Tobey Hospital, Site Administrator,  Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Southcoast Healthcare

“The book is terrific. Once I allowed myself the time I couldn’t put it down. I feel pretty entrenched in the theory and learned a great deal.”   Robert Ross, EdD, Senior Director, BioTeach Programs, Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation