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Color Wheel

When my ideas are challenged it stretches me to think and re-evaluate.  A scientist questioned the validity of the Shape Quiz when I presented it at an engineering firm recently.  I answered that it’s a vehicle to talk about differences, but the question kept me thinking.

I offer the Color Quiz below to learn about yourself, to learn about others, and to learn how to manage the space between more successfully.  Does it fit you?  If not, are you sure it doesn’t?  Would others think it fit you?  What can you learn? It may not be scientific, but it seems to resonate with people that have tried it.

We each  have elements of all these characteristics, just as we do the four work styles defined in the Shape Quiz.  It makes little sense to divide the whole human race into just 4 different types in the case of the Shapes, or eight different colors.   We are more like snowflakes with infinite variety. I used to be resentful and resistant to all personality or behavioral assessments (although I studied them all in grad school).  I didn’t want to be defined by them.  I never remember my Meyers Briggs letters and maybe that’s my remaining resistance.

What can you learn?

What I do find useful is to explore my preferred behaviors, and how they may limit me. If the shape or the color tells me something I don’t agree with, who can I check with to see if I’m in denial, or blind to that in me.  If I read about you, how can it help me?  I find it useful to be curious about how we are different, and how we might see and approach our work together from varying perspectives.  How we might form better teams and create better collaborations.  But it can be  awkward to talk about.  If we’re good smart people, shouldn’t it just work?

These simple quizzes have no scientific pretense, and are not verified statistically at the .01 level, which allows them to be a bit more fun and playful, and therefore a lighter, safe way to have conversations about our differences, and how those differences contribute to success and also get in our way.  We also might discover that we are so much the same that we’ll have blind spots, or gaps in our process and we’ll have to compensate or get others on our team to provide what we miss.

These quizzes  provide an entrance point to conversations that might otherwise not happen because we might be stuck in judgment about our way being the right way.  Conversations that could be uncomfortable if they do happen. Differences can be hard to talk about. Let’s find ways to make it easier.

Thank you to the scientist who asked the question.  It helped me gain clarity about how I’ll present these quizzes in the future.


Pick the color  that is most appealing:

  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow

Now read on to see what it says about you.  Find out what color your boss or spouse or children are.  Talk about it.

FYI – I’m red, my husband is blue.




COLOR TRAITS (listed alphabetically)

BLACK:  Independent: Strong willed; Non-emotional; Holds things inside: Seen as dignified; Likes power and prestige; Holds authority and can be intimidating; Unapproachable; Sophisticated; Methodical and complete in tasks; Seen as in control but may be insecure; Likes to hold people at a distance – not good at sharing self with others

 BLUE:  Strong beliefs; Even tempered; Loyal; Needs peace and harmony in life; Sensitive to needs of others; Trustworthy; Reliable; Thoughtful; Idealistic; Doesn’t like to draw attention; Conservative; Needs time to process – not impulsive; Rescuer – loves to be needed; Worrier; Social with close friends; Can be predictable and rigid – prefers the familiar

GREEN:  Empathetic; Practical; Down to earth; Stable; Well-balanced; High moral standards; Needs safety; Wants acceptance and appreciation; Kind; Wears heart on their sleeve; Loyal friend and faithful partner; Not a risk taker; Finds detail boring; Likes to win arguments and unwilling to admit defeat; Can put themselves in other’s shoes

ORANGE:  Social; Good-natured; Likeable; Makes friends easily; Talent for small talk; Needs a challenge/adventure – either physical or social; Assertive and determined rather than aggressive; Natural politician; Inspires enthusiasm; Bases decisions on gut reactions; Seldom indulges in things that require severe discipline;  Can appear indecisive and unpredictable

PURPLE:  Imaginative; Intuitive; Unconventional; Compassionate; Inventive; Humanitarian; Visionary; Needs emotional security; Feelings run deep; Gentle free spirit; Youthful; Dislikes responsibility; Can be impractical; Delegates details; Likes the best of everything; Good judge of character; Time means little – often late; Can appear arrogant and conceited

 RED:  Opinionated; Powerful; Motivating; Action oriented; Optimistic; Hates monotony; Ambitious and competitive; Pioneering spirit; Energetic; Impatient; Impulsive – should count to 10; In a hurry; Determined and driven; Short attention span; Can seem obstinate and rebellious; Quick tempered but doesn’t hold a grudge; Spontaneous

WHITE:  Simplicity; Balanced; Self-sufficient; Neat – immaculate in appearance; Far sighted; Positive and optimistic nature; Calming; Discreet; Wise; Cautious;  Abundance of self-control; Can be critical of self and others; Choosy; Strong beliefs and willing to debate them; Self sufficient and a loner – can be seen as cold

YELLOW:  Creative; New ideas; Independent; Dreamer; Idealistic; Fun to be with; Uplifting; Hides emotions; High expectations; May jump to decisions to quickly out of anxiety or impulse or be overly analytical; Mental clarity; Selective about friends; Communicates well; Good at networking and getting the word out; May have head in the clouds





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