We know we can help if any of the following describes your situation:

Individuals who are:

  • Highly successful but not satisfied
  • Open and interested in learning
  • Newly promoted
  • New to an organization or industry
  • Leading change
  • Facing new  responsibilities within existing  role
  • Facing external challenges

Teams who are:

  • Newly formed
  • Unable to be productive
  • In conflict
  • Dominated by a small coalition
  • Created across silos

Organizations in change or need of change

  • Growth
  • Environmental and market challenges
  • Changes already made haven’t met the challenges
  • New processes and procedures; e.g. new software installations
  • Downsizing or merging (mergers fail because of culture clash, not numbers)
  • Longing to create an innovative and accountable culture

Examples of success stories:

  • Doctor/leaders learn to balance problem solving skills with helping others grow by determining solutions on their own
  • Clinic manager learns how to hold people accountable
  • HR leader learns how to lead her team without micro-managing
  • Entrepreneur gets help shrinking his organization while maintaining staff morale and improving profit
  • Non-profit organization builds culture of leadership and accountabiity
  • Financial company senior team builds a common leadership language, increases innovation, and develops a leadership pipeline
  • Health system develops successful team skills and behaviors in senior doctors and nurses
  • Organization creates coaching culture to support performance growth and management