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Listening 2 Leaders improves the performance of top leaders as they face new challenges. Specializing in healthcare, finance, and entrepreneurship,  L2L delivers results through executive coaching, leadership training, and strategy development, providing services from Sarasota, Florida to Cape Town, South Africa.

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We ask questions and listen carefully, determining first whether you need us, and then what combination of services best fit your needs.  Providing individual assessment, executive coaching, and strategic support, we hold clients accountable for setting and accomplishing extraordinary goals.

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We listen for your success

Our success with you is co-created, through total commitment to your goals.  L2L believes that good work starts with creating successful partnerships.  Our process has a sequence of steps we call potentiation, a term in chemistry when one substance interacts with another to make it more powerful, more effective.

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"Supporting leadership and innovation in individuals, teams and organizations. "

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Oct 3, 2016

The Horse Who Wouldn’t Change Direction: Can You?

The story goes that the filmmakers of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil wanted a horse and buggy in a scene.  They were filming at one of the many wonderful squares in Savannah that are ringed by one way traffic.  For some creative agenda they rerouted traffic to come the other way for the shot.  But the horse would have none of it.  They tried all kinds of ways to get the horse to travel the opposite direction, but with no success. He (or she) knew which way was the “right”...

Apr 9, 2015

Supersuasion: The Curry and Thyme of Persuasion Techniques

Persuasion is a topic that most of my clients are interested in.  “How can I get my people to just get on board?” I get asked a lot.  They would love if I could teach them something called “supersuasion” and today I found a way to do just that in an article I read by Kevin Dutton in the Scientific American Mind March/April 2010, The Power to Persuade. He simplified it with an acronym “SPICE”:  Simplicity, Perceived self-interest, Incongruity, Confidence and Empathy.  So clearly he used the SPICE acronym...

Feb 13, 2015

Organizational Tangles: Use a SCARF to untangle them

I have a client in an  “organizational tangle,” as Dr. Marcia Ruben titles a business challenge with multiple causes, diverse stakeholders, conflicting agendas, and charged emotions.  We’ve been using a the SCARF model of understanding five motivators to find a way to untangle the situation. SCARF is an acronym for a relatively new model of human needs developed by David Rock, founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute (where I’m pursuing certification in NeuroLeadership) based on the last ten years of neuroscience.  It is based in part on the research that the...


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