We listen for your success


Our success with you is co-created, through total commitment to your goals.  L2L believes that good work starts with creating successful partnerships.  Our process has a sequence of steps we call potentiation, a term in chemistry when one substance interacts with another to make it more powerful, more effective.

Creating new awareness


Our first goal in working together is to widen your perspective, both internally and externally.  You already have a detailed knowledge of yourself, your team, and your organization, but what are you missing?  We all have default views and blocks that can get in our way of seeing.  Our work together helps you see both close up and wide angle views yourself, and learn how to rock and in out to access these new perspectives in the moment for more effectiveness.

Exploring context


The analytic process we use is designed to help us all understand the complexity and simplicity of your situation. We use your own assessment tools and bring in others to provide the focus of a close up lens and the breadth of a wide-angle lens to understand both what is working and what is missing.  From there, together we create a plan of action.

Action – Creating new behaviors


We will agree upon new behaviors for you, your team, or your organization, calibrating them appropriately and upping the ante as we go, until your range of behavioral choices has expanded to meet your challenges, and your development plan is accomplished.



All too often, we rush on to the next task upon the whiff of completion.  Together we will fully evaluate the success of what has occurred, making meaning of it, learning from it, and making sure there is a plan for sustainability.