Your Partner in Creating Change

Nancy Hardaway is a dynamic change agent, skilled at focusing on the big picture. Described by one client as “Kung-fu Panda,”  she combines a warm and engaging personality with a rigorous and demanding approach. She is able to simultaneously hold business realities while creating supportive individual relationships.  She is passionate and curious about how people learn and work best.

As a successful leader in the corporate world and an entrepreneur, she has created, rescued, and grown organizations, facilitating strategic change and developing individuals and communities of thinkers and do-ers.  She served as CEO of the Gestalt International Study Center, as Executive Vice President of CCBT Financial Companies, and founded The Property Shop and Sterling Tern Realty Trust.

Nancy Hardaway combines her years of business experience with advanced training in organizational development, coaching, consulting, and psychology to be a highly skilled and effective work partner.  

She holds a BA from Tufts University and an MEd from Harvard University, Graduate Certificate in Banking from ABA Stonier at Georgetown University, Coaching Certification from GISC and from the International Coaching Federation, and a Certificate in Neuroleadership.  She has taught leadership development and coaching in academic, healthcare, and business settings.

She is author of The Awareness Paradigm, A Story of Leadership Success.  

She expects the best from herself and wants the best for you. She has a team of expert colleagues to draw from as needed. She has stood in your shoes and knows what it’s like to be a leader.She is skilled at creating the container in which good work and good fun can occur.